Dissertation Advice

Dissertation Advice

Composing a dissertation is similar to writing a book and up to that point in a student’s academic career, he or she has been taking classes and going about everyday academic activities, whereas a dissertation is an independent project that the student may find that he or she has no frame of reference for: left to their own devices, many students are lost without the structure that they have relied upon during college and graduate school and may feel as though there is little help available in terms of actual dissertation advice. The student’s adviser, of course, will be available in some capacity to aid in the academic and scholarly aspects of the dissertation process but in terms of the bare bones of compiling information for the dissertation, research and the actual writing process, the student may need to turn elsewhere for dissertation advice.

There are pages and pages of internet results for dissertation workshops and tutorials (most of which need to be purchased, sight-unseen, in DVD form) or for writing sites that offer dissertations starting from $49. A dissertation is like a book: a very technical book, in fact, that will need to be reviewed and defended before the student is allowed to apply for graduation from a post-graduate program and even on the inexpensive freelance sites where there are dozens of people bidding on the same job, the most eager freelancer is not going to compose a book or a dissertation for that amount. Tutorials may offer some valid advice, but there is no human interaction, no questions unique to the individual are answered, and so with those options being the most common, where can a student find dissertation advice on a one-on-one basis, in an individualized manner tailored to the student and his or her needs that is neither a scam nor a DVD set?

The Answer: With Us

We can address your concerns and help you through the dissertation process, whether you need advice in terms of the organizational process or fine-tuning of your dissertation as you prepare to submit it. Unlike other sites, we don’t claim that we are fully staffed by Ph.Ds: we do have writers that hold advanced degrees, who have been published in peer-reviewed journals and have written their own theses and dissertations but stating that our staff of over one hundred writers all hold advanced degrees would be fallacy, which is why students seeking dissertation advice will be paired with the correct writer, both at an academic level and in keeping with their topic matter, so we are able to ensure that the writer you work with is intimately familiar with the scope and breadth of a dissertation and all of its facets and that he or she is suited, academically, to understand your field of study. There is simply no substitute for professional feedback and, as an established company with a carefully-assembled team of hand-picked writers, we are in a unique position to offer thorough, concise, helpful, dissertation adviceto those who need it.

About Our Company

We have an extensive team of qualified, capable writers, all of whom are university-educated and some who do hold advanced degrees. As a trustworthy company, we are eager to see our clients succeed academically, do everything within our power to protect their confidentiality, ensure their online safety and are able to offer a no-plagiarism guarantee, based on how we work: everything we do is completely unique and is individually tailored to your specifications, whether it’s research, writing, editing, critiquing or coaching, your experience with our team of professionals will be the right fit for your needs.