Essay Typology

Essay Typology

Essay typology is rich an abundant. There is plenty room for creativity and there is no limitation on the number and kinds of essays. Essays types can differ according to form and purpose. According to the form, the most basic and widespread type of essay is a five paragraph essay.

A five paragraph essay is a simple essay, consisting of five paragraphs, with a thesis statement in the first (introductory) paragraph, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. The thesis statement sets tone for your paper, makes a specific claim, which is supported throughout the entire text of the paper, crowned with a conclusion. Five paragraphs will most likely fit on one page, so please note that if you are required to write a five paragraph essay, it should be no more than one page.

You may also be requested to write a longer essay, consisting of six, ten, twelve etc. paragraphs. In this case just go ahead and follow the instructions. After all, no one know better then your professor what is wanted from you. That being said, please remember that a five paragraph essay is the basic essay type.
According to the purpose or function or the essay, they can be numerous. The basic types of essays, according to their purpose, essay can take numerous forms. Here are the most common ones:

Argumentative essay. It’s purpose is to present a problem, take one stand (either for or against it) and not only to defend your viewpoint, but also to try to persuade your audience that your stance is the correct one.

  • Cause and effect essay. In writing this type of essay you are to present a problem and expose what caused it. You will have to explain the reasons and the effects of a certain phenomenon.
  • Comparison and contrast essay. This type of essay implies taking two items, analyzing them and outlining similarities and differences between them.
  • Definition essay. In this type of essay writing you will be asked to give your explanation of a certain phenomenon and to define it.
  • Descriptive essay. Similar to the previous essay type, you will be asked to describe the object under analysis.
  • Division and classification essay. This type of writing requires taking one big object, breaking it into smaller ones and classifying them, thus making a system of it.
  • Evaluation essay. An evaluation essay implies having to express one’s attitude towards a subject or a phenomenon.
  • Expository essay. An expository essay will require you to explain a certain phenomenon, using only facts to substantiate it.
  • Literary analysis essay. Implies reading a piece of literary writing, analyzing it’s plot, heroes, themes, language and many other things.

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